About Axe Lair Inc

Black and white photo of axes against a fence.

The Region’s

First Axe Throwing Center

Located in the beautiful foothills of Upland, CA since 2018, we are now opening our second location in the lively downtown of Fullerton CA . Family-owned, we’re proud to be the first axe throwing venue in the Inland Empire (being one of the “big three” in all of Southern California) With us, you can enjoy the sport of axe throwing in a fun and safe environment while experiencing a new digital twist to the sport.

Enter the Lair and join the thousands who have mastered the art of wielding axes

The Owners

George and Jennifer Garro opened the Axe Lair in the winter of 2018. “We were looking to open a place where friends and families could come together. A way to get off your phone, have fun, and enjoy a sport that anyone can do.” The roots of Axe Lair all come from the drive for community and

Man and woman smiling in front of "Enter the Lair" sign.
Person playing darts in a dimly lit room.

Why Axe Throwing?

Why not axe throwing? With our projectors, there are multiple games and competitions featured, with each lane holding 4-5 people. This makes the experience interactive and fun for everyone. Tell us a better way to team build
than to practice for the Apocalypse with our Zombie Hunting mode. All this while sharing cold drinks, hanging out, and having fun. We provide an exciting environment to have fun and create memories
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Walk-ins are welcome

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Open weekdays & weekends

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Throwing appointments are available

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Souvenirs and concessions are available

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Se Habla Español