May 12, 2020

10 Reasons You Should Start Axe Throwing

Axe Lair

Here are the Top 10 Reason You Should Start Axe Throwing

Axe Lair is officially open and we welcome you to come visit today.

Feel like a CHAMPION:
Nothing feels as good as hitting that bullseye and hurling a 1.5lb axe as hard as you can. We even have a throne fit for a king that you can humble brag on after your success.

Fun for Everyone:
Surprised? Everyone can do it. Our trained staff can help you get started. We’ve had grandma’s and grandpa’s, pregnant mamas, teenagers, and more. Just follow our safety instructions and get throwing. Axe Throwing might just be the new bowling.

Great Exercise:
Why go to the gym when you can grab your friends have have the time of your life throwing axes. Improve your hand eye coordination, balance and kick ass learning a new skill set.

Stress Reliever:
Got a stressful day? Relieve it by getting all that energy out and hurling an axe! Take all that stressful energy and get instant gratification when it lands on the target. If dart throwing is your thing, imagine hurling an axe! Need inspiration, bring us a picture, we’ll hang it for your for target practice.

Learn a New Skill:
Two handed grip, one handed grip, back throws? Learn a new skill and a new sport. #AxeThrowingIstheNewBowling. Visit us today, the only Axe throwing location in the Inland Empire/OC County/ LA County and learn an awesome new skill.

Brag on Social:
I mean did it even happen if you don’t post it? Come sit on our throne like a king #AXELAIR and show off your axe throwing skills

Ripped Bi’s and Tri’s Tone out your biceps and triceps! Need I say more?

Team Building
Great for getting to know your company and co-workers. I mean, how many trust falls can you really do? Why not have a friendly competition between departments to see how many points you can score? Come book us for your next company event, we promise it will be more entertaining than the last meeting you went to.

Get to talk to to people! Coming with a small group? No problem, we can pair you with another twosome or foursome to get a game going. You can catch up with friends, families and more and actually talk to someone face to face instead of just texting. Don’t worry you can still take lots of selfies.

Have a fun afternoon
Ever get stuck on that what should we do this weekend rut? Come check out axe throwing. You can spend anywhere from 45 minutes to a couple hours and make an event out of it.

Everyone should throw an axe at least once in their life, but we just gave you 10 reasons to check out Axe Lair. Book an event with us, or just learn some cool tricks. We look forward to it.

Axe Lair LLC is located on167 S. 3rd Ave, Upland, CA 91786. Call us at 909-667-0143, or Book your event here.

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May 12, 2020


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